How To STOP Your Woman From Cheating On You AND Respect You More And Love You Like You First Met Her

When I first met my wife the love was overwhelmingly occupying my mind day and night.

She is undoubtedly everything to me because it was more than love for me. She brought a lot of value to the table and the sparkle of affection between us was out of this world. Even though friends had told me I’ve an angel for a wife and I could literally see a lot of people wanting to remarry her from me without being told.

But with you these days it feel like divorcing your wife, you’re very unhappy each time you need to go home after work, you feel sad for not marrying the other lady that still randomly calls you, you’re feeling like you’ve lost a treasure and marrying another woman is the perfect solution. Before you consider that option. Just know that all women are the same and you could be making a costly mistake.

How You Can Fix Your Marriage/Relationship And Win Her Smiles and  AFFECTION BACK.

Without love and happiness you marriage will only be a waste of time.

See no matter how stubborn your woman is this things works like magic on them and it gets them programmed with time. Start winning your wife with words and not violence.

Women can be stubborn, Nagging and keep complaining over and over but remember nothing great comes out of war or violence. In other to get her back there are things that needs to be done. often times there’s always a reason for such attitude. there is no smoke without fire believe it or not.


Hey uncle kill that pride if not you’re going to lose more. Great men beg their wives and there’re processes to that. If you’re a very cheap man then you can kneel down and apologize. But as the classy man that you’re there many ways you can do that it all depends on your budget, Earning power and wisdom. As  a matter of fact nothing stops you from opening your mouth to say I’m sorry dear. You can’t always be right every time.

Buy her a gift

Not something necessarily expensive but something you know she places much value on. I mean something you know she will totally like and it needs not to be expensive once again. the idea is to get into her her easily. Women either old or young like to attract attention. They like to know they’re on your mind and if someone is not on once mind will you get them a gift.

Get Home First

Cook a surprise meal. It doesn’t matter if it’s indomie just cook arrange the house, Empty the trash, wash the dishes and play selected list of love songs that will make her happy. 

Dance For Her And With Her

Sometimes the little things counts so much. This experiences keeps you both bonded and the memory can get both parties smiling and missing each other through the day,weeks and  months to come.

Take Her On a Get Away Trip

It will amaze you a lot of men that have never taken their wives on any get away trip. I know its money but you have to plan it. What you plan for is often been accomplished with time but when you don’t even consider it then you’re unlikely going to do it.

Spend Time Together 

When you’re alone it was you alone now you’re two spend quality time together that’s women for you because they place premium value into stuffs like this. It means more to them than giving money. Don’t get it wrong they like money as a matter of fact they really love it but hey first things first. 

Do This First Before Saying She Loves Money.

To spend quality time together you’ve got to deliberately create it e.g you can both tell each other ahead hey baby let’s close by  2 pm Today and meet me and a particular place. It could be at a bar, movies or beach just spend that time together lovely and happily 

Communicate Often 

See the real relationship is communication. Find the words to ignite real communication every now and then it helps the marriage and relationship so much MORE than you can ever think is possible. The beauty is that it’s very cheap and cost almost nothing to do that compared to when you’re going to have a broken marriage. Communication is Key to the survival of a relationship or marriage

Stop Making Her Insecure

OFTEN TIMES you’re the real reason why she’s insecure. See when you like something well enough you become protective of such things and you’re almost likely would not love to give it up,

The only time people give things up is when they don’t love it in any way. Please know this people get worried over what they love and that includes you.

Although some people too cause so much insecurity on theirselves by invading your partner’s privacy by checking her phone, mail and the rest.

See if you’re doing the right things then it’s unlikely needed to trail or check your partner that’s just the truth. When trust is not lacking then doubt is unlikely going to arise in anyway, my point is that you need to make your partner very secure of the relationship and guess what awesome corresponding feeling comes out of it.

Call Her 

Out of sight is usually out of mind but hey with the level of technological advancement it should not be so. That statement was popular when technology as not arised and when communication ways of platforms are very limited.

Looking for a means of getting in touch regularly with her it brings a lot of awesome feelings with it 

Key Reason A Woman is Likely going To Cheat On A Man AND Disrespect Him So Much

Sexual Starvation

No matter the gravity of her sin don’t ever starve her sexually especially a married woman. When a woman  is sexually active it becomes more of an addiction but truthfully speaking denying a woman sex is like taking sugar away from a child. You can imagine how tough you’re likely going to succeed in asking a child not to use sugar ever again.

Not Satisfying Her Well Enough

You know it takes time before a woman reaches orgasm and because of this it’s very ideal for you as a man to be adequate…Not being adequate well enough can encourage disrespect of the highest order and pushes a woman to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere. 

So kindly double your game and ensure you can perform the task well enough for her not to disrespect you or cheat on youAs a man/husband you have great right to prevent your home from falling apart in every way you can prevent it.

The cost of having a broken marriage and the psychological trauma that is associated with it is far more than what you can think or imagine so protect your own marriage in every way you can without letting it fall apart. As much as your wife as a role to play in ensuring the success of the marriage. You do too so don’t ever allow immaturity allow you lose you home and woman.


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