How Kikelomo Got Over A Seriously Depressing Heartbreak And Got A God Fearing Guy

Two things are involved, you can either read this report and believe it or not. It changes nothing on our side. Also you can also read and take corresponding action the choice is yours.


Ignorance and deliberate disbelieve are the greatest reason why so many people suffer and struggle seriously in the affairs of life.


I know you so much know that Life is not fair thereby you’ve gotten to grab anything you deserve with both hands before it’s entirely lost.

Some Months back 

I got a call from a LADY identified as Kikelomo Oladunni

She was calling me because a passed student Of my recover from breakup and get a God fearing guy that is really ready to commit and marry you in less than 40days from now spoke to her about me.

The problem or challenge with kikelomo was that she was getting numerous heartbreaks. It’s very certain that one eperiencing heartbreak is unlikely to be married as there’s no way she can marry herself.


Her soul desire was to settle down before she becomes  28 years old but she’s going to be 35years old in about 35days and she’s still elegants single and recently jilted and she is even yet to recover from it.


Kikelomo’s mates are already having as much as 2 to 3 kids with their husband but she’s yet to settle down 


So her friend who has been a beneficiary of my counselling session and even had a similar challenge while she was 32 years old but now married with 2 kids TOLD HER about me.


So I asked her what the problems were she bitterly told me how she’s been losing guys after guy after they must have been seriously engaging her, talking to her and spending on her

The list goes on and on.


After taking time to listen to her on a rooftop she attested to the FACT THAT i’m fine girl but seriously speaking it takes MORE THAN being Fine to overcome heartbreaks and get A God Fearing Husband that is completely ready to commit


So I asked her 3 types of man she would really love to have as a husband

After looking at all this together and asking tons of questions I figured out what the likely problems were and we did all this within 60minutes and i told her things she must be doing next time she’s dating her kind of ideal man.


Guess what


In about a week from that time we had a counselling session.


I woke  up to her missed calls


As a matter of fact i didn’t Know she was the one calling me.


She was full of immense happiness as the things i told her were working for her 

Just within a week. She met like 4 dudes but she had to use some criteria to have them 

Trimmed down to just the LUCKY ONE.


NOT ONLY did she use it for her self she even shared this same stuffs with some of her friends and sister like about 3 of them and it worked with EVERYONE of them.


FAST FORWARD to this day, After about 2years she is married and she’s about giving birth to the second child and almost everyone she shared the stuffs with are now married.


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